Talent policy

Talent is the first factor in the growth of round friends.

————People oriented is the basic rule of human resources management of round friends heavy labor

In order to achieve the development of the enterprise, and the rational and effective use of human resources, human resources planning is necessary. The content of the planning includes demand forecast, balance adjustment of supply and demand, adjustment of structure and so on.
To help employees grow and achieve their goals and create a mechanism of self motivation, self discipline and excellent talent standing out is the long-term goal of human resources management of our company. Continuously improve the quality of the staff, expand the space for staff development, the full realization of the value of employees, and improve the staff's enthusiasm, initiative and responsibility, is a short-term goal of Xiyang fertilizer industry human resource management.
  • 教育与培训
    Continuing education and training of human resources is an important means to realize the optimization and appreciation of human resources. We should establish a perfect education and training system to provide professional and standardized training to the staff.
    We ensure that education and training funds are allocated according to a certain proportion of the total wage. And in the enterprise, we should make great efforts to create a "work plus learning" atmosphere, and try to make the round friends a learning enterprise.
    We strive to diversify training forms and training programs. We focus on selecting management, skills and courses that are important for our personal knowledge structure, character, philosophy and skills.
    All employees need to constantly strengthen their self - lifelong learning consciousness.
    We guarantee the minimum training time for the staff. The minimum time required for education and training is to make employees better and acquire more updated knowledge, information and ideas.
  • 用人机制
    Circle of friends of heavy industry has always pursued the merit, just the principle here is that Germany, diligence, can.
    In practice, the company should establish the standards of selecting people, using people, cultivating people and inspecting people, so that the talents can stand out and be reused in the rework of round friends.
    The company's managers should be good at discovering and promote talents.
    Relying on its own purpose and culture, achievements and opportunities, as well as policies and treatment, the round friends heavy industry attracts top talent in the human resource market. In the recruitment and employment, we pay attention to people's character, quality, potential, education and experience.
    The definition standard of the round friends heavy labor is to identify the culture of the round friends and the people who are beneficial to the heavy work of the round friends.
    Round friends heavy industry in the recruitment of talent, adhere to both internal and external, select the best employment.