Talent Strategy

01HR Philosophy
     Core Philosophy:Set up a talent growth platform, create a good communication channel, establish a scientific promotion system, build a harmonious atmosphere, supply excellent talent reserve, and realize human capital appreciation. 
      HR Spirit:Rigorous, Pragmatic, Learning, Innovation.
      Recruitment Standard:comprehensive consideration on education background, age, and capability; recruit talents who are young, specialized and highly educated.
      Management Policy:Insist on human-oriented principle, preserve talents with good promotion measures and reasonable management, promote individual development.
      Competitive system:Compete for posts; contributions make the income; emphasize on talent capability.
02HR Policy
    Shandong Yuanyou Heavy Industry Science & Technology Co., Ltd. constantly improves the human resource management system from six modules, combines with the balanced score card and strategic map to improve the organization operation management, human resource management, and enterprise culture management.
     Recruitment and Allocation:Under the guidance of the company’s total strategic planning, combined with the practical needs for development, the company carries out the dynamic recruitment management, and recruits proper talents according to the requirements.
     Training and Development: The company pays close attention to the growth and development of the staffs, takes the philosophy that “training is the biggest welfare for staffs”, and adopts the policy of “inviting trainers and sending the trainees out”. According to the training demands from each department, the company will organize the corresponding trainings to improve the staffs’ technique capacity, business capacity, and management capacity.
     Performance Assessment:combining salary with performance and measuring the income with staffs’ contributions; implements the performance assessment management system to make sure “more pay for more work”.
     Compensation and Benefit:In terms of the compensation, the company carries out the system of combining the fixed salary with the floating wage. As for the benefits, the company supplies dormitories for free, pays the social insurance, handles the settlement formalities, and supplies festival benefits and official holidays for the staffs.
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