Common failures and troubleshooting of double-shaft mixer (2) – poor mixing performance and low mixing efficie

Mixing with mud mixer, mixed traffic is mainly composed of blades, mixing, and mixing effects that play an important role in the mixing. When the mixing blade is severely worn and thinner, or even shorter, the mixing function will be greatly weakened, so we must repair or replace the stirred blades.
The angle of the mixing blade is too small, too large or inconsistent, to repair or replace the stirring blade to handle in time. It is necessary to adjust the angle of the stirred blade when the angle of the mixing blade is too small, too large or unconsistent. If the low speed shaft, the speed should be changed. In addition, the device does not support the generation may lead to this problem and can consider the machine installation program in the drum.

Common failures and troubleshooting of double-shaft mixer (1) – there is abnormal sound in the sound mixer?

The mixer operation must be listened carefully, once the strange sound, should be immediately found out to be excluded. Otherwise, even a broken stirred blade will move forward, and the soil, the leaves, will break together and come back together. As a transmission fault, it is necessary and timely to repair. It is gear wear, wear small children, 1 / 3 tooth thickness, can be opened 180 degrees, wear more than 1 / 3, to replace the new gear, absolutely can not make do, open the gear oil tank, extend the service life of gear.
Gear meshing gap is too small, you can check the quality and gear center distance, proper maintenance and adjustment. In addition, such as bearing damage, the blade of the mixing tank to replace the bearing wear is to remove the foreign body.

During the mixing process, the mixing motor stops when pressing the button DOWN after the feeding operation?

Check whether the auxiliary contacts of the blender's positive and negative contactor have been connected to the lift switch.

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