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Vertical pulverizer is a way to save cost and widen the cost of enterprises in the mixing station

With the development of concrete technology, more and more attention is paid to the durability of concrete. One way to prepare durable concrete is to mix mineral admixtures containing slag powder. There are more silica fume, fine grinding fly ash, zeolite powder and so on. Due to the limited resources of silica fume in China, the activity of zeolite and fly ash is relatively low. In recent years, domestic researchers are concentrating on the development and application of slag powder admixture.
Liming heavy industry science and technology is one of the professional production of slag powder processing mill factory, adapt to the market situation to develop water slag powder processing special grinding equipment, the production of slag powder for concrete mixing station instead of part of the cement mixing station for the majority of enterprises to solve the cost problem has provided a path. The slag passes through the inlet of the feeder from the inlet to the center of the grinding disc and the hot air enters the mill from the inlet. As the disc rotates, the role of slag under the centrifugal force, moving to the edge of the grinding disc, the annular groove grinding plate by grinding roller rolling and grinding, the crushed slag by air ring with high speed air flow in large particles directly onto the edge of the grinding disc, disc re grinding, the material flow of gas through the upper the separator, in the rotation of the rotor under the action of coarse powder of slag from the cone disc to re grinding, qualified fine powder of slag powder with the airflow grinding, through the dust collection device, which contains water products, materials in contact with hot air flow drying process is, by adjusting the temperature of hot air, can meet different humidity material requirements, achieve the required water products. By adjusting the separator, the fineness required for different products can be achieved. Generally speaking, the slag powder produced by vertical mill technology and equipment is much better than the slag powder produced by ball mill process. The fineness of slag powder in vertical mill slag powder production line is controlled within the range of 400m2/kg to 500m2/kg. Because of its advanced production process, the fineness of the slag powder is very stable.
The processing of slag powder instead of part of cement in vertical concrete can improve the strength of concrete and improve the working performance of concrete, so it can be used as an alternative product to reduce the amount of cement in ready mixed concrete. Liming heavy industry vertical mill processes slag, concrete material, limestone and fly ash for grinding, crushing and sieving. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, uniform particle size distribution, convenient maintenance, environmental protection and energy saving.