Thematic report

In the excavator, the long arm of the excavator holds back more than 200 trapped people

On the 303 provincial roads leading to Yingxiu and Geng Da, the roadbed was severely damaged. The trapped masses were evacuated. The Gao Guofu of the tea garden bridge and the excavator excavate the excavator. The long arm of the excavator crossed a parabola, and more than 200 people were transferred to the bridge.
On the bridge, Tang Jianhong, a contractor in Geng Da power station, looked far away at the mountains surrounded by clouds. He had more than 20 workers under his belt. He was pulling away. "Bring them out and take them safely."
In Yingxiu Town, 78 people were trapped in the Shaojia ditch to the waterfall, and firefighters rescued them through debris flows, cliffs, and jungles.
A pull pull, excavator bucket, across a beautiful parabola, 2 people, transferred to the side of the bridge from the bridge on the plain at.
For the 30 year old Joan Evans, ice bucket, but has now become a warm hand, holding her at the top of the roaring flood, set up an invisible bridge. Open the excavator's Gang, left hand right hand, a pull a pull, "go on the car" to "get off", 15 meters of the trench, 2 minutes.
The young man is called Gao Guofu, 25 years old, from the 7 society of Dahe village, Juyuan Town, Dujiangyan. Gao Guofu said, with the excavator transfer, is a technology live, speed is usually gravel 1/5, big arm, rotation, stretching, below, several action should be coherent, around if you pause, or hit the bucket to the ground, will allow passengers very uncomfortable, even injured.
The rotation of the excavator is controlled in the left hand, and the power is controlled so that the passengers can not feel dizzy. The hand pulled back up to pull down, scroll left, right on the shaft, if not concentrate, may take passengers from the bucket to pour out, the consequences be unbearable to contemplate.
Gao Guofu has been a excavator for 4 years, and it was the first time to take part in the transfer of "passengers".
Around 3 p.m. in July 4th, Gao Guofu was working on the mountain excavator. He saw the bridge off the bridge of the tea garden 500 meters away. Firefighters were using the rope to transfer the masses. "It's too dangerous, and very slow." Without any hesitation, Gao Guofu drove the excavator and drove this way to the bridge. The excavator is a long arm with a long arm of 19 meters. From 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. on the day before, Gao Guofu transferred more than 100 trapped people.
Gao Guofu worked at the self strengthening sandstone plant on the left side of the tea garden bridge. The mud rock flow destroyed the production line including sand crusher, sand making machine, and washed away 8000 party finished sand, and the economic loss was over 2 million yuan. The excavator work an hour to burn 160 yuan of money. Nevertheless, Gao Guofu's behavior, or get cousin Gao Guotao's support, high Guotao self sand factory manager.
When no one on the bridge, Gao Guofu in the sand field above, eliminate hidden dangers; when 10 people gathered on the bridge, high wealth going over the transfer of excavators. That's what, he's going back and forth more than 20 times a day.
"When a lot of people pass by, they are asked to have water and drink." For help, the sand farm also provided water and food for the trapped people, and some people were hungry and cooked right away. So far, sand factory for more than 80 people cooked 4 big pot. A hard fortress of more than 30 years old gave Gao Guotao 400 yuan as thanks and was rejected by Gao Guotao. "If you want to give money, you don't eat."
Yesterday, he "ferry" to hundreds of trapped people. Huang Dehua, transferred by the excavator, said that without the excavator, it would take at least 3 hours or more, and it was dangerous to go over the mountains on the left.
2 clad workers stick to the bridge and other workers
"Take them out and take them safely back."
At 9 a.m., Tang Jianhong sat at the mouth of the tea garden bridge. The phone can't be connected. At 8 a.m., he received a phone call from a worker. The subgrade of the 303 provincial road was badly damaged, and the workers were ready to move out.
Tang Jianhong contracted for building in Geng Da power station. In July 3rd, Tang Jianhong bought supplies for Dujiangyan. Only 3 days later, heavy rain could not go back. On the 4 th, the road was blocked by mud rock flow.
More than 20 trapped workers in Geng Da power station were brought out of his home in Luzhou. After receiving the phone, Tang Jianhong couldn't sit down and arrived at the tea garden bridge to wait. "The phone can't work, and all the way is afraid of accident." Tang Jianhong smokes ceaselessly. "Take them out and go back safely." The Geng Da station is 10 kilometers from Yingxiu Town, and people who have heard the transfer say they need to climb over 5 mountains for about 7 hours.
At 3 p.m., Tang Jianhong's cell phone finally rounded, and the workers told him that the tea garden bridge could be reached at most an hour.
At 4 p.m., the first group of workers finally arrived at the tea garden bridge. With a smile on Tang Jianhong's face, he ran to the excavator "the next guest", helping to carry his luggage.
7 hours of walking, let these long walk the mountain road of migrant workers, some of the feet flicker. Huang Dehua, a workmate, said it was completely in the woods, grabbed grass and trees. Sometimes, when the thorn is caught, the blood will flow out.  The 30 year old's Joan, her hand hit five or six Xuepao, are out of the catch grass le.
In a steep slope of seventy or eighty degrees, a man with a good energy first comes up first and then hangs the luggage up with a rope. The women were all in the middle of the man, and that was the way they went over 5 mountains and walked for 7 hours, and a line of 20 people finally came to Yingxiu town from Gunda power station.
3 fire fighters cross debris flow
Rescued 78 people trapped tramp over mountains and through ravines
ABA fire brigade Wenchuan team staff Tang Shenghuan, said that at 7:10 yesterday morning,