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Who is the master of the manufacturing industry of asphalt mixing equipment?

Introduction: asphalt mixing equipment manufacturing industry, three full of strength, and rise, the future market pattern will be changed
"What the boss is doing this time, a good bid, let everyone wait so long. It's almost an hour! " The representative of a famous enterprise in Gansu was complaining about the bidding meeting of an enterprise. The tenderer King Wang looked at the door of the conference room and looked at the cell phone again. He frowned as he listened to the complaints and questions of all the houses in the house.
Suddenly the mobile phone on the desktop shook, and the boss of Wang took up and said, "Lao Zhang, where have you been?" "Sorry, boss Wang. The road is slippery. I've just arrived and it's coming to the meeting room. " A voice comes. He said, "I'll meet you!" Hang up the phone and go to the door of the conference room. Seeing the long lost figure, he greeted the past, stretched out his hands, clasped the opposite person, pulled the other side straight to the conference room. In front of the man in the house, the boss of the king introduced, "this is Zhang Dayu of yon. Tendering, Zhang if give up, you fair competition. Zhang will not give up, and a long time, you have to trouble you and so on. I went home, all by yon and Zhang. I can't forget!"
The bidding competition is very intense domestic road construction enterprises of asphalt mixing equipment, Nanyang Yalong manager Zhang Dayu received let peer envy, but know we also can not help feeling, "to survive in this industry, and no real skill, without a little meticulous job is really not!"
"China's asphalt mixing equipment manufacturing industry, the annual sales of about 5 billion yuan, the whole industry sales volume of about 1000 sets a year." Zhou Wei, the director of the South Road aircraft market, said. Foreign enterprises China asphalt mixing equipment firmly occupy the high-end market, almatis, Maleni, Durkee in 2015 and the first half of 2016, good performance, Nikko barely occupy a part of market share in the high end. Domestic enterprises are concentrated in the high-end market and the low end market, only a few can share a cup in the high-end market.
The domestic asphalt mixing equipment manufacturing enterprise has experienced the process of cooperation and construction, the sale of foreign capital brand products, the independent construction of the factory, and the creation of its own brand. Yang Xiangyang, chairman, general manager and Secretary of the Party committee, said: "through the cooperation with international famous brands, Chinese enterprises have introduced foreign advanced technology, management experience and sales mode to grow rapidly, changing the situation that foreign brands monopolize the Chinese market." From the low-end market to the high-end market, Chinese enterprises grew in courage, and even have the ability in the high-end market with foreign brands wrestling. In the West building, Nanyang Yalong as the representative of the rapid development of state-owned enterprises, the development of the manufacturing industry for the domestic asphalt accumulated rich experience, training a large number of talents; to the south road machine, Henan Lu, Fujian tietuo, circle of friends of the Shandong and Tai'an yueshou as the representative of the private enterprises in the fast growth of the industry backbone; join in 31 road machine, road as the representative of the Xugong construction machinery industry giant, expanding the China asphalt manufacturing scale and strength.
What is the pattern of the manufacturing industry of asphalt mixing equipment, who is the king of the domestic asphalt mixing equipment manufacturing industry? What are the problems in the industry, how do enterprises break through, and what is the way for future development? In late June 2016, in the late -7 month, the reporter went to all over the country to visit 9 enterprises to find the answer.
A situation of tripartite confrontation and warlords
The domestic market, foreign companies will not consider, showing hand in build on the west, South Road and 31 road Fujian rail extension, a situation of tripartite confrontation, XCMG Road, Nanyang, Henan, Shandong Yalong Lu, Tai'an yueshou Yuanyou the warlords and the pattern of.
It is famous for its strong historical accumulation. Founded in 1959, the middle Jiao West building has a high position in China's road building machinery industry. It not only provides a lot of equipment for the engineering construction, but also contributes a large number of talents to the development and growth of the industry. Tai'an yueshou general manager Li Ayan said, as Chinese asphalt mixing equipment manufacturing center, "in the west is built Chinese asphalt mixing equipment manufacturing industry talent incubator." The Sino - western building in the high-end market of asphalt mixing industry has a high market share. It occupies a leading position in customer resources, contacts and technology inheritance. The products produced are very popular among customers.
The South Road is winning by quality and technology. Machine production of the south road asphalt mixing equipment in stability and reliability, so that the most critical customers are straight thumbs. Zhou Wei, who has been engaged in after-sale work for a long time, is a little proud. "The products of other people's products fail ten times a year, and our products are less than once." In the domestic market, southern road machine aims at high-end customers, providing materials, sample analysis, customized product design and production, installation, adjustment and maintenance of asphalt mixing plant.
The 31 road machine, with its strong capital and strong financing capacity, is squeezed into the manufacturing industry of asphalt mixing equipment and quickly opens the market by the new method. As a junior, 31 machine to seize the market, packaging sales, provide complete sets of equipment, will be the first low down payment, installment sales mode is introduced into the asphalt mixing equipment, in 2012 ~ 2013 made a very beautiful performance, the annual sales of about 100 sets of asphalt mixing equipment. When talking about, Li Ayan said, "31 overwhelming, known as the annual sales of more than 200 sets, domestic counterparts very careful."  In 2014~2015 years, sales of 31 road machines have fallen sharply. 31 asphalt mixing station technical director Wang Liangchu said, "31 road machine is not