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Round friend heavy industry won the "national user satisfaction product" and "user satisfaction service unit"

In December 12, 2017, the annual meeting of the user working committee of the China Engineering Machinery Industry Association was held in Tianjin, Tianjin economic and Technological Development Zone in 2017. More than 100 representatives from all over the country attended the conference, and heated discussions and exchanges around the theme of "improving the quality of the supply side and improving the user experience". The meeting published the results of the 2017 industry user satisfaction service star, star team, user satisfaction and outstanding managers. Circle of friends of the Shandong Heavy Industry Technology Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "circle of friends of industry") with high quality products and good service, won the "national customer satisfaction product", "customer satisfaction service unit" two awards.
User satisfaction service unit
National user satisfaction products
According to the China engineering machinery business editor, China Engineering Machinery Industry Association Working Committee this year in the user to actively support the majority of users, to carry out concrete machinery, road machinery, aerial work machinery, piling machinery and steel processing machinery product quality customer satisfaction survey. User satisfaction evaluation, through the evaluation of different product characteristics of different indicators, we investigate and evaluate users' evaluation results of product quality, function, performance and service guarantee index, collect and summarize user's evaluation information. The survey began in March and ended in October. The main methods of investigation were letter investigation, telephone survey and personnel interview.
Honorary certificate of "user satisfaction service unit"
Honorary certificate of "national user satisfaction product"
In 2017, in the face of the fierce competition in the concrete machinery market, round friends heavy industries continue to strengthen differentiated competitive strength, customization and humanization always run through the whole process of product sales. Before the users purchase the products each time, the round friend heavy industry will send professional technical personnel to help them locate the site, and then do the overall planning layout and equipment selection. All our products are from the customer's point of view, to communicate with customers, through three-dimensional factories, real miniature models allow customers to fully understand the product, the customer to the site to inspect, to feel, to let him see the product and product usage. Through all-round service, fully excavate customer equipment requirements, tailor-made for customers of a set of equipment, not only do I make the customer satisfied, will bring the potential customers around him feel satisfied, and become our new customers." Jiao Yumin, the general manager of round friends, said.
At present, the main production of HZS heavy circle of friends (HLS) series of concrete mixing plant (floor), LB series, WCQ series of asphalt mixing station stabilized soil mixing station, HBT series of concrete pump, concrete mixer truck, piling machinery construction machinery products, a total of 6 series of 40 varieties, the best-selling products. And Russia, the Middle East, West Africa, Central Asia and Northern Europe and other countries and regions.
Customer centered, with faster speed, higher skills and better attitude to fully meet the needs of customers, the payment of round friend heavy industry has also been highly recognized by the market and customers. Adhering to the concept of "customers give us everything and everything for our customers", we will spare no efforts to serve more users in the future.