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Microelectronic Technology—Hi-tech Innovation for Concrete Pump

The high-tech microelectronic technology is applied to concrete pump for the technical innovation. The application of microcomputer, microprocessor, sensor and instrumentation on excavator has promoted the application of electronic control technology on excavators and this is the key symbol of the modernization of excavators. At present, the advanced excavators are equipped with multiple electronic control system like automatic idling and throttle control system, power optimizing system, work mode control system, monitoring system, etc. In 1970s, the electronic and automatic control technology began to be used in excavators to reduce energy consumption and the environmental pollution and make it more convenient and safe to operate excavators, and reduce the noises and improve the operating conditions. With the further requirements on the work efficiency, energy-saving and environmental care, convenient operation, safety and comfortableness, it promotes the mechanical-electrical integration and makes leap development on various performances.