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Technology innovation of concrete pump car with microelectronic technology as the core of high and new technology

High tech concrete pump vehicle technology innovation with the core of microelectronics technology, especially the application of computer and microprocessor, sensor and detection instrument in excavator, promote the electronic control technology and application in excavator, excavator and has become an important symbol of modern, that is the current advanced excavator is equipped with automatic engine idling and the throttle control system, power system optimization, working mode control system, monitoring system and electronic control system. Speed up the application of electronic and automation technology in excavator. In 1970s, in order to save energy consumption and reduce environmental pollution, make the operation of excavator operate light and safe, reduce excavator accent and improve driver's working conditions, and gradually apply electronic and automatic control technology to mining. With the improvement of excavator's working efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, operation portability, safety and comfort, reliability and durability, the application of Mechatronics on excavators has been promoted, and all kinds of properties have taken a qualitative leap. The qualitative variable is very important.