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New power of hydraulic pump technology

In recent years, the domestic construction machinery market booming, hydraulic technology is one of the key technologies to realize the modernization of mechanical transmission and control, the domestic high-grade, high quality engineering machinery development is restricted by the localization of the core hydraulic parts not, high-end engineering machinery and equipment of large hydraulic core technology is monopolized by foreign countries. At present, the hydraulic parts produced in China are mainly concentrated in the quantitative systems such as gear pumps, oil cylinders and main valves below 16MPA, which can only be used on loaders, forklifts, bulldozers and other products. In the application of high pressure variable system (21-45MPA) for excavators, sliding loaders, road machinery, concrete machinery, piling machinery and coal mining machinery, the products of domestic hydraulic components are almost zero. With the advantage of capital and experience, the international giants have completed the absolute control over upstream raw materials, futures, midstream production, processing, brand and downstream market channel and supply, and monopolized product pricing power while foreign capital is forming raw material. At present, in our country, high-grade hydraulic engineering machinery 100% imported from abroad (Japan, Germany, USA), foreign suppliers accessories required for our products, formulate a long cycle, high price and limited supply of various "overlord clause" to restrict our development, resulting in control of major equipment and military machinery of domestic equipment by the hydraulic system.
In order to meet the demand for products and equipment of the national economy and the national key construction project, by the national Ministry of industry and information technology and other four departments jointly issued the "on the issuance of independent innovation of major technical equipment catalog notice" clearly, the main parts of hydraulic can be included in the government related technology and product development plan, a major breakthrough in the bottleneck restriction the.